Albert Einstein – Imagination is more important than knowledge

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Albert Einstein was possibly one of the smartest people to have ever lived. Definitely an inspirational character especially for anyone interested in Physics or Math. Do you have someone you know who loves science and would like this print on their bedroom or dorm room wall?

Albert Einstein Poster – Wall Art


  • Available in Two Sizes:
    10″ x 10″  (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm)
    20″ x 20″ (50.8 cm x 50.8 cm)
  • Front of Picture has a Protective Gloss Acrylic Coating
  • Wooden Frame – Painted Matte Black
  • Ready to Hang with included metal hook on the back
  • Handmade Product
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Albert Einstein – (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955)

This plaque mounted print of Albert Einstein, rendered in the pop art style, is a striking and unique piece of art. The print features a colorful and dynamic portrait of Einstein, depicting him in his famous pose sticking out his tongue. The pink background adds a playful and lively touch to the piece, bringing a sense of fun and energy to the image. The inclusion of the quote “Imagination is more important than knowledge” adds a deeper layer of meaning to the print, emphasizing Einstein’s legacy as a brilliant thinker and innovator. The plaque mounting of the print gives it a sense of permanence and stability, making it a perfect addition to any home or office. Overall, this plaque mounted print of Einstein is a bold and thought-provoking piece of art that adds a touch of whimsy and inspiration to any space.

Albert Einstein was a German-born theoretical physicist who is widely considered one of the most influential scientists of the 20th century. He developed the theory of general relativity, which revolutionized our understanding of gravity and space-time, and made groundbreaking contributions to the development of quantum mechanics and statistical mechanics. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.

Einstein’s work had a profound impact on our understanding of the universe and his theories have been tested and confirmed numerous times. He is also known for his famous equation E=mc² which shows that energy and mass are equivalent and interchangeable. Einstein’s theories and discoveries have been widely studied and have been used to develop new technologies such as GPS and the nuclear power.

Einstein was also a pacifist and civil rights advocate, using his platform and fame to promote social causes. He was a vocal critic of nuclear weapons and his legacy continues to inspire scientists and thinkers across the world.


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Albert Einstein - Imagination is more important than knowledge Albert Einstein - Imagination is more important than knowledge
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