What is Plaque Mounting?

Also sometimes called Block Mounting, Plaque Mounting refers to mounting a painting, print or photo onto a board and then applying a clear UV protective laminate to protect the image.

The plaques we use are 0.5 cm thick so they are very solid.

What different types of Plaque Mounting are there?

There are a number of different types of Plaque Mounting, but they are all basically the same on the front.

The difference is in how the rear of the mounting is presented.

At SimplyPopart.com we use a method called ‘Box Flush Plaque Mounting‘.

Our Plaque mounts have an additional 2 cm deep wooden frame on the back, this give our prints a very nice mounted look.

The frame is painted black.

What are the advantages of Plaque Mounting?

Plaque mounting offers several advantages for displaying artwork.

The laminated front cover protects the artwork and so with care your picture will last a lifetime.

What types of Artwork can be Plaque Mounted?

Plaque mounting  is popular for displaying Posters, Paintings, Prints and Photographs, as it not only protects the artwork but also makes it easy to hang.

How do I hang my Plaque Mounted Pop Art?

All of our SimplyPopArt.com Plaque mounted prints come with a mounting hook attached to the rear of the frame, so they are ready to hang as soon as your order arrives.